We believe in identifying the underlying causes of a business problem, focussing on what is most important and recognizing the need to address both immediate requirements as well as the strategic direction of your organization.


It seems like managing documents should be simple, yet businesses are still drowning in paper, missing files, old versions, and duplicates. Abstractive uses best of breed technology, innovation, and experience to help you control the chaos.

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Centralized control in the form of an electronic records management system allows management of retention and disposition, security, information sharing and access. We can help you maximize this control and help you ensure your electronic records are reliable, authentic and trustworthy.

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Ensuring effective utilization of data by the right people at the right time throughout an organization can be a difficult journey. Abstractive's Business Intelligence (BI) team can help guide you on your path to a BI Utopia.

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The best solutions meet your needs today, and anticipate your needs down the road. At Abstractive, we specialize in forward-looking solutions that continue to deliver value year after year.

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At Abstractive, we have formed several strategic partnerships with industry leading software vendors. These partnerships allow our team to maintain expertise and provide superior, high quality products to our clients.


We're Abstractive

Abstractive Technology Consulting Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta and with offices in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. Abstractive provides a full spectrum of information technology services, including strategic planning, architecture, project management, business analysis, infrastructure architecture, and development, with particular emphasis on Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI).

The name Abstractive was not chosen lightly: in a single word, it encapsulates our company philosophy and approach to solving business problems with innovative, forward-looking ideas. One possible definition of the word "abstractive" is the power to think abstractly, to focus on what is key by removing the noise.

Abstractive means taking a messy problem, distilling its essence and breaking it down into manageable pieces. It also means elevating solutions so they can do more than fix the problem at hand -- they can address strategic needs while satisfying immediate requirements.

Executive Team

Questions or Comments? Contact a member of our management team.

Matthew C - Abstractive CEO
Matthew C President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Michael P - Abstractive CTO
Michael P Chief Technology Officer (CTO) » Blog page

Fred L
Fred L Vice President of Business Development

Shaun C
Shaun C Vice President of BC Operations





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